DIY seed germination mat

DIY seed germination mat

Its almost time to start thinking about your 2020 garden layout! Actually, lets be honest, you're like me and you have been thinking about this for months and you are on your 14th version of the layout. I get it, its a very exciting time! 

You can get very carried away looking at everything you "need" and it can become overwhelming. I have learned over the years to find ways to do it myself! Save a buck or two. 

When starting seeds, most of them really benefit from heat, which is why there are $40 dollar germination heat mats all over the big box stores. What heat/germination mats do is speed up the germination time and they replicate the outdoor garden when we are starting our seeds in February.

So, I constructed my own! I start hundreds of seeds at one time and I didn't have the money to buy tons of germination mats.

What you will need: 

-Sheet or scrap piece of plywood or something similar. 

-Tube lighting, doesn't matter the color! (After Christmas you can find tube lighting for super cheap) I will put a close up of the tube lighting I found below! 

-Some other scrap pieces of wood, I used 2x4, but you could use 1x4 also. The idea is that you weave the lighting in between the oddly placed scrap pieces of wood so that the seed trays don't touch the light, but sit right on it. 

-Some short screws and some two-hole conduit straps.

That's it! 

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