apple scrap vinegar

apple scrap vinegar

Hi friends! Long time no talk. 

We got married. Did a whole bunch of other things over the summer, and now its the first day of Fall 2021! Cheers to that 

So with that, its apple, pumpkin and all things Fall season. 

I believe the lost art of Homesteading is finding all of the uses for the tings we harvest. Or maybe that is the real magic to it, using the whole harvest. 

Apples. We grow them, or go pick them. We make pies and more pies- and we are left with the apple scraps. Sure you can feed those back to animals or compost them. But! You can also make apple scrap vinegar. 

It literally won't go bad. Sorcery. 


You will need: 

Apples peelings or cores. Or Both! 

Sugar - 1 tablespoonish per cup of water. Filtered water is suggested. 

A glass jar. You can make whichever size makes you happy! 


Fill that jar up about 3/4 of the way full with you scraps. 

Dissolve the sugar in the water and add to the jar. 

Cover with a light fabric scrap with a hair tie/rubber band. 

Set it out of the sunlight, but room temperature. 

Stir it every other day or so. 

Chill out for at least two weeks. Check on it 

It might smell tangy sweet now, cool! Strain the scraps from the jar. 

You can absolutely give those to animals! Our chickens love them! 

I then will let the jar sit for at least 3 more weeks until you can get that unmistakable vinegar smell! 


The end. 


No really. That's it. Store it in the fridge and it will last forever. Like forever. 

Use it for cooking, cleaning or whatever you normally would use the store bought kind for! 


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