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We are Mandi (she/her) and Casey (they/them) Pickering,
co-founders of Wild Oak Farms and Butter for your Body. In March 2023 we welcomed our daughter, Sawyer Lea! We are a small, LGBTQ owned family farm in Northern Missouri where we focus on raising Nubian dairy goats and heritage Sebastopol geese. We strive to create a sustainable life on the farm and in our business, and in doing so, hope to make an impact in our community and in the lives of many others.

Our motto, while simple, embodies our beliefs and goals.
Small farm. Big impact. We strongly believe that with who we are and what we
create here on Wild Oak Farms, we can and do make an impact on peoples lives. As a queer and non-binary couple in the homesteading community, we embrace the opportunity to challenge the norms and educate others based on our lived experiences on the importance of diversity, inclusion and creating space for
all.  We are excited to continue breaking barriers in the homestead community and creating high quality products for people around the world.

From our herd to your home.

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  • Homemade

    Our products are made from the best natural ingredients, including our magical goat milk. Our body butter is the perfect balance of vitamins, skin nourishing butters and goat milk. We use ours every single day. A little goes a very long way and you can use it from your head to your toes.

  • Handmilked

    Every day we hand milk our goats (Mandi's favorite chore!) and promptly prepare the milk for our products. By hand milking and not machine milking we are able to build trust and deep relationships with each individual goat. We always follow strict milk handling procedures to ensure the best quality products.

  • Our Herd to your Home

    We currently have 9 goats that help us bring our dream to life. We raise Nubian dairy goats, the ones with the long ears and best personality! They help us provide folks with a high quality product that has immense benefits for our skin.

  • Goat Milk Facts

    Goat milk contains fatty acids that help repair our skins natural barrier. These same fatty acids are the largest contributor to noticeably softer skin. Goat milk contains vitamin B12, which aids in regulating pigments in our skin and reduces UV damage. Read more about the incredible benefits of using goat milk products on the product page.

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Rehydrating our Sourdough Starter


We are passionate about real access to fresh, homegrown food.

In our farmstand there is a sign that reads:

"Take what you want, but not more than you need. If you cannot pay monetarily, please pay it forward."

We mean that. Take a tomato, a flower, whatever you want. Spread kindness. It matters.

If you have an abundance of food, join the FARMacy movement and donate today!

feeding america

Feeding America

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