about us

  • Meet Casey

    Casey (they/them) is an ICU nurse at a large, academic medical center in the KC metro area where they have worked the past 17 years. They have a total of 4 college degrees, which include undergraduates in biology and nursing and 2 graduate degrees in nursing and health service administration. Currently, they are the Nurse Manager of the Medical ICU and the Program Manager for the Rapid Response and Code Blue team (the team that responds to medical emergencies!).

    Casey LOVES music, Michael Jordan, a good Speak Easy, tennis shoes and all things organization. When they're not at the hospital, Casey is very involved on the farm. Boston is the lone animal they brought to the crew, but they're largely responsible for Blue and Crimson as well. The cats are their least favorite, but they truly hate the bird poop the most. They built the current lotion shop space and have built many of the structures around the farm with the help of Mandi's dad Dave. They are hoping to get into a carpentry class soon to continue refining and mastering their skills!

  • Meet Mandi

    Mandi (she/her) is a Registered Veterinary Nurse and Homesteader. Mandi originally went to college to become a veterinarian, took a different path and went back to school to become a veterinary nurse. She has been working in the veterinary field for over 15 years now. Each morning you will find Mandi hand-milking the herd of Nubians and making products from those goods.

    Mandi LOVES gardening and growing food for her family. She recently finished schooling to become a Missouri Extension Master Gardener. Mandi is happiest in the barn or greenhouse, as long as she is busy on the farm she is good!

    Zazu, their horse is Mandi's favorite animal on the farm. They go together like peanut butter and jelly.

    Mandi's big goal this year is to increase the families food preservation!

  • Meet the Crew

    We love our goat crew! We raise Nubian dairy goats here at Wild Oak Farms and have a herd of 9 goats, which includes 6 does in milk currently. We just recently added 2 of our doelings to the crew who will be future employees! Yes, we consider our goats our employees. Our MVPs. Our partners in this business.

    They are so much fun to be around and make every day more enjoyable. Nubians have a very docile yet curious demeanor and are extremely friendly. That is why we choose to raise this breed. The adorable ears help too. :)

    We are so proud to be in business with some of the coolest partners around.

  • what we do

    We homestead on a small farm in NW Missouri. Homesteading can be and is many things! We encourage you to come view all of the happenings at wildoakfarms on Instagram! The farm is home to not just our herd of Nubian goats but also a flock of Sebastapol geese, Muscovy ducks, a Jersey cow named Margarine, and a couple equine friends! We have a coop full of chickens that free range every day, sometimes on our porch.

    We sell chicken and duck eggs to the folks in our local community! If you are local and are in need let us know!

  • why we do it

    We want to make a difference. From the products we make to the way we live our lives, we hope to positively impact the people around us. We feel strongly about returning to our roots and learning to live a self-sustaining life, ultimately, giving back to all of the things that give to us.

  • our promise to you

    We are committed to bringing you the very best products, straight from our farm to your home. Beyond that, we are steadfast in our commitment to being a safe place where folks can not only learn, but also experience diversity in homesteading. We strive to build trusting relationships with others in our community and embrace the opportunity to continue to learn and grow from others as well.