Basic (but delicious) Bread Loaf Recipe

Basic (but delicious) Bread Loaf Recipe

Hi all. :) This will be the only bread recipe you will need going forward. 

Happy whatever day it is! I will get right to it. My MO. Because you're here for the recipe, right? 

Makes two loaves, do adjust accordingly. 

In a bowl mix together: 

-1/3 ish cup milk (cow or goat) and if it is super cold in your home- warm the milk

-1 heaping tablespoon active dry yeast

-heavy pinch of sugar

Let the above rest for about 5-10 minutes while you mix the rest of your ingredients. 

In a large mixing bowl, mix together:

-6-6.5 heaping cups of flour- we used half bread and half AP

* You CAN use all All-Purpose and we do from time to time too! Works just the same. The protein content difference is only about 1-1.5%. 

-One large egg or two smaller eggs

-2 cups of milk (not warm) 

-Heavy dash of salt

-4-5 tablespoons of butter cubed at room temp, and keep out a little more for melting once baked. 

Knead or mix. You can use your hands or a mixer, whatever floats your boat. Leave it alone for about an hour, and it is best kept somewhere warm to rise. During the winter I put the bowl in front of the fireplace. Punch it down and knead, then do the same- let it rise for about 2 hours or until doubled. 

Split your dough in half and shape the dough to your liking. There are no rules here. Make rolls, a loaf, add things to the dough- do anything! This is when the dough will do the final rise in the pan you will be baking in. I usually have the oven preheating at this time and the final rise is done on top of the over, making it shorter taking only about 30 minutes. 

Bake on 375 for about 30 minutes. If you are using a non-stick loaf pan or something similar to a cloche, I would spray or grease the pan just a bit. Oven types and baking will vary, so watch for it to brown on the top and then pull it out! Melt butter on top, thank me later. 


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Thank you for the recipe🌸


I put it in the pans and it didn’t rise . Is that normal

Dawn Dew

Do I use the butter in the bread ?

Dawn Dew

Posting a comment to ask if anyone has tried to replicate this recipe and make it gluten free? Any tips? My oldest was diagnosed with celiac two months ago and can’t have ANY gluten or she’s sick for days.


where do i find a printable recipe for the basic bread recipe as well as your other recipes


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