dairy goats: nubian vs nigerian dwarf

dairy goats: nubian vs nigerian dwarf

Hi buds. Yes I know that there are many more dairy breeds when it comes to goats. In fact, quite a few. 

However, when talking to folks getting into the amazing world of dairy goats I am always asked to choose between Nubian goats and Nigerian Dwarf goats. For many reasons, I think some are personal opinion but these two breeds have become more of the "norm" to own, are more widely available, and both have decent percentage of butterfat. 

Here at Wild Oak Farms we raise Nubian dairy goats, the ones with the big ole ears. Comically, I actually owned Nigerian Dwarf goats first and quickly shifted and moved my herd to all Nubians. Nothing crazy happened, I didn't have any type of huge event leading me to this decision other than I wanted a larger size goat that in turn would be easier to hand milk. After making the switch I quickly fell in love with the Nubian quirky personality and their need for human interaction. 

Nubians produce the highest butterfat content of the large dairy breeds. Usually around 5%. They are a very upbeat, high-energy breed, and tend to be very vocal. In my opinion they are a tad more stubborn than ND goats. Might be why I love them so much! 

I asked my friend, Renee at Mountain Woods Farm, who raises Nigerian Dwarfs dairy goats a little bit about her choice of breed and below was her response. 


They may be the smallest of all the dairy breeds, but Nigerian Dwarf Goats sure are mighty!
Not only do these pint-size milking ninjas boast the highest percentage of butterfat (making their milk extra rich and creamy), but they also have the highest protein content, as well!
I greatly prefer the taste of Nigerian Dwarf milk over cow milk!
Not to mention, you can make the most delicious and velvety ice cream, whip up the most smooth and flavorful butter, and make cheese that will put all others to shame!
Dairy stats aside, the Nigerian Dwarf is a highly sought-after breed for smaller homesteads, hobby farms, and families alike!
Not only is this due to their compact size, but Nigerian Dwarfs are known for their playful and friendly temperaments, making them a no-brainer for children!

I’ll never not own this wonderful and comedic breed! I originally brought them in for their milk and immediately fell in love with their personalities and antics! 


You can't go wrong with either breed. As always, you need to jot down your priorities for your family or farm business and go from there. 

I will always be team ears, but overall I am just team goat! 

Okay, maybe I am team goat milk caramels.. 


-You can find Renee on all social platforms at Mountain Woods Farm! 

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