Fresh Frozen Tomato Sauce

Fresh Frozen Tomato Pasta Sauc 

In your kitchen in less than two hours.

Remember sweet summertime, when we were swimming in ripe tomatoes.

Remember those long days, when you were too tired to cook. Let alone can.

I do.

We put gallons upon gallons of fresh tomatoes in freezer bags and walk away.

No blanching. We don’t even remove the stems.

Minimal (extra) work when the days are long.


The deets i.e what you need:

One gallon of tomatoes. Set them to thaw, to speed up use hot water.

Dice and sauté a fresh onion in a frying pan, use olive oil or whatever you desire- more olive oil for blending, herbs (dehydrated) or fresh depending what you have or source, salt, pepper, garlic. Whatever you want. Really, there are no rules. Think about what you want to taste in your pasta sauce and do that.

Blend up the thawed tomatoes. Skin and all. If you don’t want the skins left on, once a frozen tomato is thawed the skins will slip off very easily.

Add to your sauce pan. Boil for 3-5 minutes, the longer you boil the thicker your sauce will be.

Drop heat to a simmer for about one hour, stirring occasionally.

The longer the simmer, the thicker the sauce will be.

 Enjoy :) 


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