grow vitamins

grow vitamins

Grow Vitamins

Uncertainty; unable to be relied upon. Doubt. Not completely sure of something. 

A feeling we have all been faced with these past few weeks. You want to know what I do when I am feeling uneasy? Two things. Sit in the barn with the animals. Go to the garden. 

Since not everyone has a barn, I am taking that away right now. Let’s focus on the garden. 

Most of yall know that last year I started a little Farmacy from my little farm. 


Take what you want

But not more than you need

If you cannot pay monetarily

Please pay it forward

And I mean that. 

But full circle here, we are currently in a very uncertain time of life. And well, we all must eat. Its been my greatest joy to be able to grow as much food as I can, and then also share it with my family and community.  Our food supply or lack thereof has been eliciting some anxiety. 

During WWI and WWII, Americans were urged to plant in every available patch of soil they could. These were called Victory Gardens. It was reported that during the surge of the first Victory Garden phase, about 40% of Nations fresh produce was grown in what were once were lawns. Times were challenging and this is where food-based security and cultivating something beautiful, became something bountiful. Something like 20 million “Victory Gardens”. Anyone can be doing this now. This means you high rise NY apartment, get some containers. This means you single-family home with the pretty lawn, build some raised beds and throw them out there. Now is the time to reintroduce the Victory Garden 2.0. 

While I have been gardening now for many years and have always been intentional about how much food I grow for my family and friends- this year is more important than ever before. 

I want YOU to be able to grow your own Victory Garden, so below I have listed out a few very easy to grow things with a one- and two-month harvest time. Most of these vegetables don’t need a ton of space or anything special besides soil, water, sunshine. You can do this. 

Approx One month Seed to Harvest: 

Radish, Lettuce, Spinach, Arugula, green onions, kale, microgreens. 

Approx Two month Seed to Harvest: 

Peas, beets, cucumbers, some edible flowers, beans (bush), summer squash. 

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