Mandi's MUST have garden accessories

Mandi's MUST have garden accessories

The garden should be a place of magic. Tranquility, Triumph. Sharing. 

You want to make sure you have the basics to get you going, so that you aren't left feeling like all it is is WORK. 

These don't have to be brand specific, I'm not gaining anything from mentioning a brand. If I do, its only because I use and love the product. You want things that are going to hold up, and not give up after one garden season. 

Cheers! Take a look below at my must haves. 

-GOOD gardening Gloves: I don't care for any that are all rubber, but the rubber fingertips are fine. For berries and thorn wearing plants, I love Arm Saver gloves from

-A garden cart- I use the Gorilla Cart from Lowes. It hauls everything around, even toddlers. 

-A hori-hori knife. Whoa, be careful with this one. Most come in a leather sleeve- and are the BEST at cutting through those tough weeds. 

-A trowel. Duh- and if you are like me you should get 3 because you will leave them places and not find them for months. Edit: We added a mailbox, yes a mailbox to the garden this year to store all the tools! Highly recommended. 

-Fiskars hand weeding tool. It's under $10 and we got ours at Target, Amazing for those early season dandelion roots that seem to go 20 foot deep. 

-A hand rake

-Hand pruners

-Kitchen scissors

-Tape measurer 

- The ROO Apron! Game changer! We each have one and love them. You can find them on Amazon. Hello Prime.

-I LOVE my Duluth Trading Co. Heirloom garden overalls. They are lightweight and have tons of pockets. 

-SHOES! You have got to be comfy on your feet. I most recently have fallen in love with Western Chief garden

-A knee pad, trust me on this folks. I am only 32 and this is a must have. 

-A wide brim hat. has a great one that is very protective. 

-Pen and paper. 

-Music, Chapstick, snacks. 

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