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Sebastopol Hatching Eggs * FOUR eggs

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Price will reflect total eggs sold in each bundle.

**Please select the hatching egg shipping rate.

*Will not ship on Friday's or Saturday's in an effort to not have the eggs sit at the post office all weekend. If they do, don't panic. Just be ready to have them rest and then incubate when you are able to pick them up. 

*If you are local- choose local pickup. 

*Eggs will be shipped express to get to you as soon as possible. It is a usually 2 day turn around. We are **NOT responsible for delayed shipping times or lost packages. We will make every effort to collect and get them shipped as soon as we can. 

*Be mindful of your local temperatures. If it is below freezing, it is likely not the right time to order. 

Sebastopol geese are very rare, white (and colored) long curly feathered & blue eyed Sebastopol geese.  

Our flock is all pure white. We have a flock of 20 geese total.

We DO keep one semi-smooth breasted goose in our flock. This helps maintain feather integrity and wing structure in the long run. Having a smooth breasted gander or goose in a pair or a flock will also improve water-resistance and chill factor. We do not breed smooth with smooth at this time. You may end up with a smoother breasted bird and that IS OKAY. For future pairings or breedings you can reintroduce a curly with a smooth or vice-versa and this will overall build a very nice healthy and standard flock. 

They have a very sweet and quiet temperament and are easy keepers.  Sebastopol geese are listed as a "Threatened" endangered species by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy- this is what led us to begin raising these stunning birds. 

Please reach out via email if there are any questions about the breed itself :) 

Fertility and Hatching:

Geese are somewhat tricky to manage when it comes to fertility. As a whole Sebastopol geese have anywhere from 50-70% fertility per individual goose. 

Our hatch rate in 2021 was 89% and in 2022 it was 88% 

We do not guarantee a successful hatch and shipped eggs have a lower hatch rate in general. There will be no refunds for eggs that don't hatch. We will do our very best to get the eggs to you safely and help along the way as we can! 

They have a short laying season and we will have hatching eggs for sale as they are laid in "groups". If we only have 4 laid in a day or two- that will be the amount that will be for sale as a whole package. Eggs are priced at $35 an egg. 

We will not sell less than 3 eggs to a single person and no more than 6 per person can be purchased. This prevents you from only have a single gosling hatch, and also gives others a chance to hatch eggs. 

Please do your research before purchasing. Not just on hatching goose eggs and the differences in doing so- but on successful gosling care. 

** CANNOT combine hatching eggs and any other product in the shop in the same shipment. Please place two seperate orders if you'd like anything else. This is for the safety of the eggs. 

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